How to Make Money Out of Casino Affiliate Programs

Submitted by kkibak on Thu, 2006-04-06 20:35.

Are you a gambler? Do you frequent the casinos? Well, gambler or not, there is a sure way to earn bucks and bucks of dollars out of casinos. Interested? It’s high time to venture in casino affiliate programs!

How? With just a website and basic online marketing efforts, you can join a casino affiliate program for free. You set your own hours, work from home and start earning your own money without risks. Casino affiliate programs are the best earning affiliate programs. These allow you to cash in on the popularity of online gaming with little or no investment and reap enormous rewards. Affiliate programs are the most popular and most widely used marketing tools especially by online casinos.

There are about 1800 online casinos and more are being launched everyday. These online casinos are regulated by various gaming commissions and some are completely licensed and regulated by the government which gives players a sense of security.

Online casinos need visitors to succeed. The operators are willing to pay handsomely for new players and that’s where casino affiliates come in. When you join a casino affiliate program, you will be supplied with banners, text links and live games that allow your visitors to play. Online gamers can choose a multitude of games including slot games; popular table games such as blackjack, casino war and pai-gow poker; video poker; and many other classic casino games. Each visitor is tracked through scripts and cookies and labeled as a player you referred. You then earn a percentage of their net game play.

Online casino affiliate programs operate on a revenue share basis or a cost per acquisition where affiliates earn either a percentage of their referred players’ losses, generally for the lifetime of the account or a flat one-time cost per acquisition commission. Some programs even offer affiliates a hybrid commission, which is a combination of both revenue share and cost per acquisition. On average, you can earn anywhere from 25% to 50% on the net gaming generated from your referred players. While commission percentages can be tiered based on the revenue levels generated by the referred players, some online casino programs offer its affiliates a competitive 30% commission on all revenue generated by referred players.

What online casino programs to promote? You will be able to promote more than one online gaming affiliate program through one account. Choose an online casino affiliate program based on the online casinos reputation for integrity and satisfaction. High payouts, outstanding customer support, and reputable software are good indicators of how much players will like the online casino you are promoting. Casino affiliate programs are either based completely in-house using software provided by the software designer, managed in-house using white label affiliate software providers, or outsourced to trusted third party affiliate networks. Make sure the affiliate tracking software is reliable and provides you with easy access to marketing tools and detailed reports to assure you of high commissions and all.

So what are you waiting for? Join casino affiliate programs now and start your journey to success.

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